EVENTS | FEB. 2018REDES organizes a visit from the University of Bern

February 2018
Lisbon School of Architecture

The group received a delegation from Bern which included professors Robert Lzicar (coordinator of the master’s degree in communication design), Selina Bernet, Vera Sacchetti, and fourteen master students. The exchange was coordinated together with Filipa Nogueira and Alexandra Luis (CIAUD), who prepared a presentation of the research centre to the visitors.

During the event, Professors Robert Lzicar and Selina Bernet presented the MA in Design of the Bern University of the Arts, which was followed by the first public presentation of the REDES research group by Professor Rita Almendra. The purpose of the event was to exchange ideas and experiences about the development of research in a Design Master’s course. The day ended with a guided tour of the Fashion Design and Product Design workshops.

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