REDes research group is part of the DESIS Network since 2022

REDES Desis Lab brings together a group of researchers who have experience in developing research and education in, of and about social design, social entrepreneurship, design for social innovation and sustainability. Its primary mission is to provide theoretical and methodological support, and to study and develop processes in, of and about Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability.

– Share and expand knowledge on the themes and topics of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability.

– Disseminate cases and projects which engage design practices and products as triggers to achieve effective systemic transformations.  

– Empower individuals, communities, and institutions through co-design, by giving voice and agency to relevant stakeholders for making the change themselves.

– Engage in interdisciplinarity using design methodologies and methods to build common languages and ethical relational knowledge production.

– Foster close links between research and education, by expanding the sites and experiences of design learning (engaging the community, the neighborhood, and the city) to better equip design students to address challenges of the 21st Century.

Coordination since 2024 Inês Veiga Coordination 2022-2024 Rita Almendra Founding Members Ana Melo, Ana Neto, (Ana) Graziela Sousa, António Gorgel Pinto, Caio Miolo, Camila Andrade dos Santos, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Gustavo Cossio, Inês Veiga, Rita Almendra.
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